Stand Up for Yourself
The Best YOU

Stand Up for Yourself

Stand Up for Yourself is a joyful and supportive programme which focuses on building confidence and courage and helps participants find the humour in life. We analyse how comedians communicate to draw out lessons and develop skills to apply in everyday life. At the end of the programme, participants present a 5-minute stand-up comedy routine in front of a live audience. Participants learn how to unlock their creativity, overcome fear and anxiety and to present with style and confidence. They practise self-belief, build conviction and create resilience. Each week, participants embrace a challenge to make changes that ultimately bring huge benefits to mental health, wellness, and life.

Stand Up for Yourself is conducted over six weeks  and delivered through weekly two-hour workshops, remotely or in person as required.

Week 1: Your shout
Understand comedy styles and techniques. Get to know the team through icebreaker improvisation and sketches.

Week 2: What’s so funny
Learn how to construct a joke. Tap into creativity by using material from everyday life.

Week 3: Jokes on you
Apply learnt comedy techniques to write jokes and hone your comedy style. Share and receive feedback.

Week 4: Walk the talk
Plan the running order of jokes. Get 1:1 coaching on your comedy material and delivery from a professional comedian.

Week 5: Deliver the goods
Practise delivery and stagecraft, including tone, pace, body language. Test and tweak material.

Week 6: Showtime
Final rehearsal with music and lighting. Filmed live performance and presentation of certificates of achievement.

Overcome anxiety and increased self esteem through self expression and creativity
Overcome isolation and loneliness through connecting with others and working as a team
Create a sense of confidence and achievement by completing weekly exercises culminating in a live performance

The need at present

Worldwide 10-20% of young people experience mental disorders including depression, anxiety and conduct disorder. Mental health problems are often a direct response to what is directly happening in their lives. (Public Health England 2014) Covid-19 exacerbates the mental health challenge for young people due to additional pressures including changes to their social lives, daily routines, access to education, spending extended time with families at home, lack of routine and space. It is imperative to society to keep young people connected and engaged, particularly during Covid-19 lockdown and likely long term changes, leading to increased isolation, uncertainty and anxiety.

THE BEST YOU (Run in partnership with The Ben Kinsella Trust)

Thanks to the funding of the Social Switch Project we are now launching THE BEST YOU online. 

The Best You is a behavioural change programme. We empower participants with confidence and skills so that they feel positive about themselves and their ability to succeed in life. Participants learn to identify their unique strengths, improve their ability to manage emotions, tap into resilience, plan for the future and improve employability. They are supported with regular telephone mentoring throughout the course.  The Best You programme is conducted over six weeks, and delivered through weekly 90-minute group workshops. Workshops are fun and interactive. Week-to -week, participants make significant changes that bring huge benefits in life. 
Week 1: Going for goals Raise aspirations and set achievable and realistic personal goals Week 2: Assert yourself Develop positive relationships, practice assertiveness and conflict resolution Week 3: Make a statement Identify strengths and positive attributes; write a personal statement or CV Week 4: Interview you Practice your interview skills and confident body language Week 5: The Ben Kinsella Tour Understanding the impact of knife crime and violence Week 6: Recap and Next Step
Practice learnt skills, commit to goals beyond the program
Increased access to vocational employment
Improved confidence in managing and resolving conflict
Improved school attendance
Developed emotional resilience
Improved relationships with friends, family and education
Enable young people to take positive action to achieve their goals


We lead highly motivational and interactive presentations using motivational and inspiring footage, sharing personal experiences as well as engaging young people through taking part. Our presentations are custom built and are devised around the needs of our participants. 

An example of our work:

Indestructible You

  • The power of taking action in order to crush limited self-beliefs.
  • The importance of taking responsibility and standing strong on one’s own.
  • Breaking through negative patterns of behaviour in order to reveal a new.
  • Becoming a true product of oneself and not our environment or past actions.

HHH devises presentations for your specific needs.


In our unique Productions course, we offer young people the opportunity to express themselves in whatever form they wish to address, focusing on both relevant personal and social issues. Our participants create the opportunity to reveal their true voice in whichever art form they choose from playwriting to puppeteering, to spoken word or dance. 

We are all naturally creative beings and to tap into that force enables us to build self-esteem, identity and develop a strong sense of self which are crucial components to leading happy and fulfilling lives.

"The 18 - 24’s felt so motivated after their first session, they asked her to come back to do more. Tash has a fresh approach and that is what our clients need to keep them hopeful and motivated."

Sandra Edwards

Employment Engagement Manager, North London Hub

"Tash has worked with and affected some of our most challenging students, and manages to engage them and build positive relationships – students from previous groups still acknowledge and spend time talking with her.
The students describe her sessions as inspiring...she really made me makes me want to be better”.

Kasey Knight

Deputy DSL and Wellbeing Coordinator, Beacon High School