May 9th 2022 We are at The Comedy Store for a HHH fundraising event.

    “TA, Tash Alexander or should I call her Totally Awesome? runs an elaborate comedy course that does exactly what it says on the tin: It helps to build confidence, hone communication skills, alleviates anxiety, dispels loneliness and give the boot to isolation.” – Participant, 2021.

    “It was the most interactive and welcoming Zoom course I’d done all lockdown. Both Tash and her assistant, Dan, made sure that no one was left behind, giving equitable help to all participants.” – Participant, 2021.

    “I found the course to be motivating, invaluable and inspiring, Tash really did her best to help me write my best material, wants to see me do well and she’s not shy about it. This is exactly how a teacher should be: encouraging! Thank you to HHH!” – Participant, 2021.