Head Held High and Comic Relief

    In December 2020 Head Held High won funding from Comic Relief to run its challenging and motivational online programme Stand up for Yourself with a group of adults associated with the charity Mind. Throughout the 2nd lockdown, we were able to help individuals become more motivated, have a laugh and dig deep to find the funny in their lives through difficult and uncertain times. The transformation of individuals self-belief and confidence was a gift to see.

    Tash is a human dynamo and gives her all to make this project work,” says Sue from Mind who participated in Stand up for Yourself in 2020. 

    There was so much goodwill, support and an acceptance of who we all are. Tash is like a big roaring fireball of energy and love. It was hard work and challenging, as my ideas, writings were not easy to put into a stand-up format. Tash was like a sculptor carving granite. Intrepid would be an apt word to describe her. 

    Yes, I had doubts.  But the encouragement, non-stop positive feedback and never a negative comment, kept the fires burning. So I did achieve what I set out to do. Tash didn’t give up on any of us. That was what was important.  With support and encouragement, we were able to carry out this task and succeed. That’s the backbone of this project.”