Tash Alexander

Tash Alexander is a Motivational Coach and Comedy writer/ performer who founded Head Held High in 2013 to inspire and encourage others to become a true product of themselves and not their past.

“Making the decision to change and break through the obstacles, learnt patterns of behaviour and limited mindsets that are stopping us from moving forward is the first step. At Head Held High we encourage each person we work with to take full responsibility for their life, for their behavior, their attitude, and the actions they take” The work is not easy but the results are so rewarding!”
So often we wait to feel better before we do something, it is so easy to be dominated by our emotional state and low self-worth. 
Action, action, action is the solution and THAT is why we lead HIGHLY interactive programs so that the participants FEEL the change on the inside in order to make the changes on the outside. We always offer regular telephone support throughout our programs, this makes sure the participant is staying on the right track and committing to taking new steps every day.
Every human being deserves to live with their head held high!”